View Full Version : Could selling ebooks on media get around geo restrictions?

Ben Thornton
03-04-2010, 02:19 PM
The situation as I understand it is:

If sell me a pbook, the sale is deemed to take place where they are (US), so is OK for a US-only book, even though they ship it to me (in the UK).

If sell me an ebook, the sale is deemed to take place where I am (UK), so is not OK for the same US-only book.

What if they had a scheme to put a copy (DRM to my Kindle for PC if they like) on to physical media, and post that? Where would that have been sold - where they are presumably?

Would this be a way for a bookseller to circumvent geo restrictions, or would it not work? In practice, I guess the problem would be extending the DRM to allow the file to be imported, but the international Kindle offering is a bit rubbish (IMHO) at present without something like this because so many books are US-only.