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02-12-2010, 11:44 PM
I just became aware of this device today and am interested. Specs say only ePub and PDF.

What is the format that electronic newspapers and magazines come in? I've been waiting for wi-fi enabled, large screen devices -- ones that can accurately display a newpaper layout -- to come out. That's a big draw for me -- being able to access newspapers from around the world and see and read what the rest of the world sees and reads.

The enTourage website says about downloading books from 3rd party bookstores, "If the stores are based on the Adobe Content Server platform, then you should be able to. We want to support this, but have not tested it at this time."
I'm not sure if this means yes or no. What does Adobe Content Server platform mean?

Also, web browsing. I don't use a web-enabled phone so I'm not familiar with this tech. Is Android a full featured OS or a restricted system that only lets you use what was installed by OEM? Does the Android OS let you download files from the internet? What types? Any restrictions? Is the Android file system anything like a PC? Can you create/rename/move/delete files and folders? Does Android have file size limits?

Lots of questions, I know, but thanks for any responses.

02-13-2010, 12:41 PM
The answers to your questions really depend on what kind of functionality the manufacturer is willing to put into the device. The Android OS is still a work in progress. I have not received my edge yet so I can't report back on the features and limitations. However, with the proper SDK you should be able to add a whole bunch of functionality to the edge, comparable at an absolute minimum, with the Apple iphone/ipod. Yes, Android supports downloading files from the internet.

02-15-2010, 03:57 PM
...what /he\ said - ideally, the folks at eNTourage won't be hand-cuffing this device much, if at all, which means the possibilities with the open Android OS are endless...Out of the box, ANY Android app you can find/run on your Android-based phone can/will run on the eDGe too - its up to the developer to re-tool the app to take advantage of the larger screen (real estate).

I'm curious about the magazine/newspaper formatting myself - a previous message/question of mine sent to eNTourage rec'd a response basically saying "we're working on it, wait and see" in a teasing sense. Not sure what to expect or make of it, but I'll be waiting these next couple weeks with bated breath until the thing shows up on my doorstep (hmmm...wonder if I should take an "eDGe" day from work, to give myself enough time/space to play with it after it first gets here!?!?)

02-15-2010, 07:20 PM
Google and other Android proponents expect as many as 30,000 applications for Android by the end of the year. I have always said that this number might not be realistic but 3,000 to 5,000 is not unreasonable.