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06-14-2006, 02:24 PM
Hi everybody!

I felt this did not fit anywhere else, so I made a new thread.

As the title suggests, this is about my personal ereading plan fo the nearer and middle future. I'd love to hear similar "stories" from fellow mobilereaders!

It's now the middle of June, summer is starting and my final exam is over (I passed with flying colours, my mark was 1.1, best is 1.0 so no resason to complain) and I'm now theoretically through with studying (although I' do plan on doing my "master of music" degree so I'll still be stuyding for the next to years).
To cut it short, I'm now in a phase of rest and recuperation. I've got a larlge amount of ebooks from various sources ready for reading and am now feverishly waiting for an eink device to arrive. i'm using my PocketPC at the moment, but the small, backlit display and the fact that it's rather uncomfortable to hold are forcing me to read less than I would like...I love to read LOTS!

So my plan goes as following:

I'll wait till the end of June, beginning of July and see if I can get a 2sample" of the Hanlin V2. I'm a typical early adopter, so I'm used to "unfinished" products... :huh:
If I don't manage to get hold of a V2 by that time, I'll take a look at the V8. If it looks to be okay then I'll take that.
After having secured an ereading solution I'll then wait and see how the market develops (I hope it doesn't develop into a Dodo...) and get an "advanced" ereading device when I feel that they have progressed far enough down the right track (Maybe something like the Iliad Mk. 4...^^) and I can afford one... :scholar:

What are your plans?

06-14-2006, 03:04 PM
I had hoped to have obtained the Sony Reader by now to spend the summer evenings reading in the garden. Now that its release has been pushed back to the fall, I'm not that eager to get it anymore. So I don't have a real "plan".

06-14-2006, 04:28 PM
I passed with flying colours, my mark was 1.1, best is 1.0 so no resason to complain

Congratulations, CommanderROR! Truly an accomplishment to be proud of!

My plan is to see what devices actually come out, and then see about scraping up the money. I used to be more of an early adopter type (bought my first Palm -- then Pilot -- the week they came out), but marriage makes for less discretionary funds, that is to say, greater reluctance on my part to run up debt. :)

I'll probably want to hold one (of each, preferably) in my hands before I make a final decision. Whatever I go with, I plan on using till it dies rather than upgrading with each new offering, so I want to be reasonably confident that it'll meet my needs. Left to my own devices (pardon the pun) I upgrade my Palm about every 3rd generation, and I expect my perceived upgrade pressure to be lower for a reader.

Oddly enough, as my wife is finishing her PhD in 19th century British lit., she's actually kind of interested in this sort of gadget (she's resistant to most gadgetry) because it would make it easier for her to deal with obscure texts that aren't available in print (that is to say, on paper) any more. Her needs are actually more demanding than mine -- i.e. she'll need to take notes, while I just want to read stuff. :)

Alexander Turcic
06-14-2006, 07:00 PM
I was thinking either the Sony (for: price, against: drm) or the iRex (for: screen, against: price). Now I am not so sure anymore with the release date for both pushed further in the future.

06-14-2006, 07:06 PM
I have been following e-ink for a while - my main desire is to read pdfs of scientific papers. When I was a graduate student I used to spend hours in the library, photocopying papers, carrying them home and reading them, and then filing them - I still have a few meters of such papers in my office... Although I hardly ever touch them, I am reluctant to throw them out because I may need to refer to some, and they are not necessarily available electronically.

Nowadays the scientific literature exists as pdfs, and we can get most free via our university libraries, and so they accumulate on the computer. Now the dilemma is print to read, or read on the computer. I do alot of reading when traveling, and over the last few years getting the laptop open in crowded planes with a reclined passenge in front has become nigh impossible. At the same time I hate to print - environment, and ink is expensive. So I would love to be able to carry 1 gb of papers in a dedicated reader to pull out on the plane and read. I would love to take such a device to meetings as well, with abstracts on it, and the ability to annotate is enticing.

Part of me would also love to put books on it, but this is secondary for me. I read few bestsellers, being more into history and non-fiction, or classics, and so am worried that while the Kings, Browns and Grishams would be available that this would do little for me. I used to have a Rocket ebook and was very sad to see the lack of follow up from publishing - so I am shy about the Sony (DRM aside - also not a plus).

In the end the Iliad's larger screen, and slightly more greyscale and annotation features is the deciding factor for me. I am not sure that having that in a flexible paper format is a huge advantage - I can hold a 'hard back'.

So ... I will wait for the Iliad. It is alot of clams, admittedly, but I have a round birthday coming up (don't ask) and so that is my justification... :rolleyes5

06-14-2006, 07:14 PM
I will probably do something similar to your plan CommanderROR, but probably not as quickly as you will. When you get your V2, be sure to post your thoughts here please!
Also, is there any DRM support planned for the V2? Mobipocket or???

06-15-2006, 11:45 AM
I've recently been learning more toward the iLiad, since I'm returning to school in the fall. I was going to purchase the Sony Reader, since I had a Librie. The Reader seems to resolve most of my frustrations with the Librie: low contrast, non-English UI elements (even with the English-flashed OS), Western spine orientation (i.e. the cover mounts on the left instead of the right), flaky conversion tools (e.g. News, Printer for Librie). My main goal was not to replace books, per se, but to read online content offline -- read electronic "printouts" of web pages. Toolbar for Librie is actually a fairly effective tool for getting web pages into the device, despite its exclusive reliance on IE. I expect that most of the conversion software for the Librie is vastly improved for the Sony Reader. I don't care about Sony's DRM content through Connect, as long as it remains an option and allows for more open formats, like PDF, which is supported natively. Unfortunately, Sony's been vague about native HTML support.

But the iLiad is growing on me. Since I'm returning to school in the fall, I'd like something with more robust PDF support. I'm planning get a proper book scanner (the Opticbook 3600) and scan all of my textbooks into an E Ink device. Since the scans will likely be PDF, the iLiad seems like the more appropriate choice, due to its larger screen and 1024 x 768 resolution and 158 dpi.

It doesn't look like either device will be released by the beginning of the fall semester, so I'll probably just wait for both to be released and review the consensus of both products.

06-15-2006, 12:05 PM
Ordered the iLiad, because its the tool which suits me best. I want the notetaking capabilities. And since iRex will hand out SDKs, there even might be a tool for anything we might come up with.

But the iLiad is far from beeing the device i dream of for reading offline content. Its too big, too heavy, uses too much energy, takes too long to witch pages and is missing color. Thats what i want from my next device, which hopefully be available in a couple of years.

06-15-2006, 01:08 PM
I wouldn't mind colour in an ereader..but it isn't among my Top10...and faster page-turning...isn't in there for me either...^^
nice to see that needs and wishes are different....:-)

06-15-2006, 03:00 PM
well, color would be interesting for magazine articles. Color images and grafics are alot easier to understand than b/w. But there you would need a bigger page size aswell. And therefore id like to see a rollable display, that in small, acts as pda, roled out to A5 as eBook reader and to about A4 as magazine and newspaper reader.

Fatser pageturns would be interesting for animations. But that would be farther down on my list aswell.

06-16-2006, 02:30 PM
first of all, congratulations for your achievement :)

i'll stick with my pda for now, and wait until a readius like device become available.

or if i have the money in the next couple of months and i can get someone to get me a v2...i'll be very tempted to buy one.

06-16-2006, 05:10 PM
Unfortunately, I not the big expert in planning.

Therefore has gone to China. Has met firm management Jinke. Has signed OEM the contract and I prepare V8 for sale in Russia and Ukraine (lBOOK)

I can tell, that experts Jinke have no sufficient experience and cannot independently prepare V2 for sale in the European market. Concept V2 is not thought over. V8 it is much easier and more reliable.

06-16-2006, 06:58 PM
@LVD Now i'm curious...

You say the concept of V2 is not thought over...what does that mean? The V2 is a slighly faster version of the V8 with a different OS (Linux) and support for western languages instead of chinese (and some shodd<y english support apparently)

Can you give us some more info?

06-17-2006, 04:36 AM
Dear Sirs,

First, I ask all to excuse me for awful English.

Secondly, the device for reading electronic books should be not more complex{difficult} than a children's toy "Tetris." eBOOK - the device for one function: readings.


Wolf Linux OS, CPU: Sumsang Arm 9 200 MHz, RAM: 32 Mb SDRAM, ROM 16 Mb - (much difficultly) for the electronic book. And all to thrust the European fonts!!!

As a result:

- the price increases

- there is a waiting time of loading WolfLinux

- time of functioning from the battery decreases in 2 times

- reliability of the software decreases

The last is very important. I do not believe that experts Jinke will manage to adapt well Linux and to create good SDK. I cooperate with them more year and I know their problems with experts on programming.

Our choice V8 is quite justified.


Has forgotten.

The screen of 6 inches, 800*600 points - not probably to use for correct display of standard pages in PDF-a format. Efficiency from use of more powerful electronics - a zero

06-17-2006, 11:02 AM
I'm with you on almost all counts...


A price increase of 50$ is negligible...I can live with that if it gives me 200Mhz and some more RAM...these things could always come in handy...

Loading the Linux Kernel takes time...ok...that's a problem. The advantage is, that 3r party devs could make readers and maybe een other softare for the device. The Hanlins already have a built-in calender, something i really like to see, and I don't think they need much more software, but new formats for ebooks emerge (there is still no standard in sight), so having an open platform seems a pretty good idea...

Battery Life is Halved??? That's bad news of course. However, I'm not sure whethe this will really happen. The V2 isn't finished even now, so maybe they'll get that working in time...I certainly hope so.

Viewing PDF on a small screen is bad? No way! If PDF Files are properly done, then they should work on any screen-size. Illustrations, technical Diagrams and stuff like that are of course not very "scaleable", but many books come in PDF format, so I wouldn't exclude that.

The V2 is our only option here in western Europe and in the US as well probably. We can't easily get a V8, even if we want to. We also would have to "hack" the devices firmware to properly display German (or even english) text. The Conversion Software and "Wolf-Printer" don't work properly on non-chinese machinees (several people here have tried it), so I'm not sure the V8 could become a viable alternative here, at least not in the near future.

Thanks for your input and please continue contributing to this Community. Any Input from actual owners of eink devices is greatly apprecaited!!!

06-17-2006, 12:57 PM
I plan to sell in the summer of 2007 LBOOK on a retail price 165-180 euros (200-220 US dollars). It is discussed with Jinke. In it to year we can sell LBOOK in the Europe at the price of 250 euros (300 dollars) in view of cost of transfer by mail.

Problems with English, German, French already are not present. I can install any east or western European font. The menu can be adapted for a week. Now the device has the menu in English, Russian and a Ukranian language. The truth is a small problem. V8 works exclusively with monospace fonts. But we have changed the program of job with fonts and it has improved quality of display of the text.

Problems with Hanlin Printer are eliminated in our adapted version. In the near future there will be new version Folf Maker in Russian and English languages. It while the modernized copy of Chinese variant Folf Maker, but we plan to create own variant with the convenient interface and greater functionality.

06-17-2006, 01:34 PM
@LVD now we're talking!

Thanks for your input...this is really getting me excited.
250 would be a great price, I'd really consider buying one right away at that price...^^

You said you have a new version of Wolf Printer...could you send it by mail or put a download link up (send me a PM if you want to email)? English menu and stuff would be no problem, and apart from the Printer software I don't actually need anything.
How are you planning to sell the Hanlins in Europe? Webshop?

Oh...btw...can you show us some "screenshots" of your "ported" device? Seeing some actual text displayed in english (I can send you an example .txt if you like) would also be nice...

06-17-2006, 04:16 PM
Program TXT Reader not correctly formats lines and makes a hyphenation. We work above this problem. All will be fast OK.

As soon as new version Hanlin Printer will pass testing I shall send you.

06-17-2006, 04:22 PM
The screenshots were made using wolf reader?
The lines look rather crooked...and spaces are also a bit odd, but it's readable.
Interesting that you use landscape view...I think I would prefer normal...but i guess that's just personal preference.

06-17-2006, 04:39 PM
The screenshots were made using wolf reader?

No, it is program TXT Reader for reading ordinary txt-files.

06-17-2006, 04:52 PM that is why the lines are slightly strange? But i haven't seen any hyphenation...

Thanks for the screenshots...does the leather "pouch" belong to the device or was it manufactured for it? It seems to fit perfectly and looks good...^^

Can you tell me how/when you plan to sell the devices? i'd rather order one from russia than from china...I guess i'll have to pay Import VAT in both cases, but at least Russia isn't quite as far away and shipping should be slightly less expensive...

But before I actually buy one I'll try to press as much information out of you as I can..^^

Interesting book by the way...what is it?

06-17-2006, 05:10 PM
The screenshots were made using wolf reader?

I think it is native txt or html file. In wolf format you cann't zoom text yet. But in txt or html it works ok. ))

06-18-2006, 09:35 AM

I just gave the Hanlin Printer 2.1 another try, and this time it worked.

I used it to print a pdf file and it worked fine. Only trouble is, that the PDf was not reflowable and the resulting .wol would probybly be unreadably small on the V8/V2.

But it's progress!

06-18-2006, 12:10 PM
@LVD + TaKir

Can you give us some input on how well the PIM features of the V8 work?
I don't need a super-computer in my ebook reader, but a simple calender and note-taker (shopping list?) would be pretty cool for an epaper device!

I have also prepared a well-formatted html file That I would like to test on the V8 HTML viewer. Contact me by PM and I'll send the >400k html for you to try and post screenshots of...if you like...^^


06-18-2006, 09:45 PM
forgive me for playing devil's advocate, but from what I gather LVD has bought a number of V8's and is preparing to sell them in the European market.
He is also stating that Jinke will never get the V2's working and that the Linux software will never work.
I'm afraid that LVD has a vested interest in talking down the V2, in favour of his 'hacked for europeans' V8's.
Secondly the point's he has are fairly moot...
The V2 does have a 200mhz processor so of course the battery life is going to be shorter but to be honest if i can run a V2 without recharging and read half of what the v8 stats are (5000 page views) thats still 8 novels probably 3 weeks of reading between recharges. which will be plenty for me.
Secondly that V2 takes 15 seconds to boot. hmmm first of all that is not proven, and secondly I don't believe it. Linux embedded has a very small footprint and has been used on lots of devices and is not reknowned for going slow.
My point is I'm not going to rush out and get a V8 until a sample version of the V2 is out and has been tested by the good people of this forum, and as long as Jinke don't do an 'Irex' and can get samples out to us early adopters by the end of thismonth, I'll take all of what LVD say's with a pinch of salt.

06-19-2006, 03:34 AM
Dear THJahar

You in many respects are right. But if it is possible, some remarks. I wrote NOT against V2. I wished to show, that V8 has the advantages and prospects, for example in the market of Ukraine and Russia. V8 has big dynamics to reduction of price, than V2. For our market it is very important. V8 it is not planned to sales in the European market. For the rich Europe is iREX all for 800 US dollars.

We now develop cheap variant PocketeBOOK for our market with SVGA e-INK the screen 5!!! Inches with starting by 160-170 US dollars. It is simplified variant V8.

V2 We plan to sell in projects where development of the special software is necessary and where the price is not the rigid factor.

06-19-2006, 05:43 AM

believe me, not everyboday in europe is very fond of the idea of paying 670 for a "book"...

About the V8/V2 thing...I'll be waiting for the results of the V2 "launch" and whether Jinke will send me a sample. Since June is almost over I won't have to wait for long.
In the meantime I'll keep trying to colect information about the V8 (adapted version) to see how well it handles english language. I'm quickly starting to lose interest in PDF ebooks, because they seem to be made mainly/only for big screens, so I wouldn't be too sorry to see that format not supported.
If .txt and .html work well enough in the near future I'll probybly just get the V8 to use until the next generation of ebook readers arrives.
A screen-size that is small than the V8 wouldn't be interesting for me, because reading from a small screen means either small fonts or lots of page-turning and both are not what I'd like to see.

I have another question by the there any way to use a different font-size on the V8 (or to zoom out to fit more characters onto a page in .txt or html? also, does the V8 properly support italics and bold type-settings? Many books rely on using those to stress certain words or "mark" irony, so it could be a problem if this wasn't supported.