View Full Version : Requesting help to read a chinese pdf file on my prs-700

12-13-2009, 07:16 PM
Hi! I first asked for help ( on the Sony reader forum on reading my chinese pdf file ( However, it seems like others can't read it either. Hope you can shed some light on why I just get the cover page image, followed by lots of blank pages.

Here's what I've tried so far (and Wetdogeared has had similar experience):

- transfer original directly using calibre
> blank pages

- convert to lrf using calibre
> garbage characters

[trying to get embedded fonts into the pdf]
- open original using apple preview and save as pdf
> blank pages
- open original using apple preview and save as pdf-x
> blank pages

[trying firmware hack to recognise cjk fonts]
- apply cjk font firmware flash as described in Anyway to make 700 read Chinese text? (, then upload original, saved-as pdf and saved-as pdf-x
> blank pages

- copy and paste contents of pdf into text file.
> works so the firmware flash was successful, but unsatisfactory as formatting is lost.

Appreciate any pointers to getting the text in the pdf to display on my prs-700, and thanks in advance!