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11-29-2009, 05:27 AM
could someone explain why this link does not work?

<DIV ALIGN="center">


<P><a href="introduction.html#contents">Contents</a></P>
<P> Foreword by Bernard Cornwell</P>
<P> Introduction</P>
<P> Chronology</P>
<P><b><a name="contents"> Part 1: 1805-1807</a><br> The Rise of the Emperor </b></P>
<P> Background to war - A temporary peace</P>
<P> Warring sides - The armies prepare</P>
<P> The fighting From Ulm to the<BR> Treaty of Tilsit</P>
<P> Portrait of a soldier<br> - Lannes. Marshal of France</P>
<P> Portrait of a musician at war<br> - Philippe-Rene Girault</P>

the reader is an eti 2. Now I am pretty sure i am going to slap my forehead and say I knew that, but rather then sit here and pound my head against a wall I am moving on to another part of the book hoping someone will have pity on me


11-29-2009, 10:57 AM
It appears that you are trying to link to the table of contents within the same .html file called "introduction.html".

eBook Publisher does not like that so when links are within the same file omit the filename before the "#", like this :<a href="#contents">Contents</a>

Aside: If that code fragment was in a .html named anything else then, you could use the line above to reference to another .html added to your eBook Publisher Spine Items window. In that case should ignore the table of contents within the code fragment's .html file and "jump" to the file named "introduction.html".

And be careful when using uppercase letters within the names used as the links since eBook Publisher is case-sensitive and will not "link" when the names are mis-matched case-wise.

These are the Golden Rules to achieving success with eBook Publisher. :smack:

Hopefully this will work for you!

11-30-2009, 03:11 AM
Thanks I will give it a try.

I live in São Paulo, Brasil and the ETI 2 was the only ebook I could buy with a warrenty and repair service. Thank the lord I thought of that because I have already dropped it three times, yestersday being the last. yesterday it recovered after a recharge, but the first time was a broken glass front, then just a non-functioning ebook. (stone floors are sooo unforgiving)

Hopefully in the future you will allow my to stand on your shoulders again when I am searching for and eBook publisher answer.