View Full Version : RTF formating of souce book

11-02-2009, 04:31 AM
Here is were im stumped on formating books before they are converted to the IMP format.

I currently use MS Word to edit my books, and save them in RTF as backups etc.

My question is this:

HOW do I format things such as Page Break ( Hard new page ), center text, BOLD text etc so that when its converted and then loaded in my 1150 those formating edits will show up in the IMP book properly.

IE - I have a new page for each start of paragraph, the paragraph title / number is bold and centered etc

I current use BookCreator 2.6.1 template / macro in word to help in the formating.

But, its not keeping my formating after creating the imp version in ebookwise librarian ( what i use to edit meta data and do transfers etc )(lazy cheap and pretty eazy over all ).

any help or suggestions would be greatly thanked !