View Full Version : New version of µbook reader released (0.9f)

11-30-2005, 08:10 PM
Gowerpoint ( have released a new version of µbook (, the excellent multi-format ebook reader (and my personal favourite!).

Fixes and additions in this update include (and there's a few :) ):

- Added Cursor Moves through arrow keys (in menu, text, links and skin)
- Added Lock Screen mode
- Added Previous Page / Next Page split screen mode
- Added Cursor Mode key loop keys (forward / backward) as Button Mappable on Handlheld units. Tab and Shift Tab on PC version. Loop: Normal Mode -> Skin Mode -> Text Mode -> Links Mode or Image Mode -> Divided Screen Mode -> Lock Screen Mode -> Normal Mode
- Added 'Back' as Button Mappable on Handlheld units
- Added Export to/Import from/Sync with between Annotations and an external file. (*.ubd)
- Added replay of external Annotation file (*.ubd -> i-Book)
- Added Menu on slide-show page, for cell options
- Added Automatic creation of cell, columns and/or strips
- Added Option to enlarge images up to x% (slide show and *.ubd)
- New Windows.usk skin
- Major speed-up of text selection when image(s) on page.
- Major rewrite of stream handling, reducing quantity of code (but not size of executable?!) before code rot starts... stream rewriting is required for exporting/importing of Annotations (especially to images) for allowing access to images inside and outside compressed folders from the same input text. (i.e. IMG="im1.jpg" IMG="" IMG="../" etc...)
- Change boot-up procedure to be faster by removing invisible splash screen -- which in turn brought up a visible splash screen?! and disabling extra load of uBook.ini when getting skin flags
- Replaced Low Quality icons by a higher quality with same memory use (i.e. a quanticized 8 bit palette)
- Do not hide cursor when any dialog is up
- Fixed problem with extracting text for Text Quality Analyzer
- Fixed font height issue(s)
- Fixed bolding problem with Sharp fonts
- Fixed endless paginating of some non-zipped files
- Fixed multiple-redraw of cover while paginating
- Fixed First Image Highlight that didn't draw the drag rectangle
- Fixed table of illustration image labels
- Fixed zoom arrows for handheld versions
- Fixed filtering of tabs by RTF parser
- Fixed bug with last image line truncation
- Fixed uninstall to remove uBook_images.ini
- Updated Francais.ulg
- Updated Help Manual

If you haven't tried µbook before, now might be the time.

Alexander Turcic
12-01-2005, 03:59 AM
Huge list! Does ubook still support the Mobipocket format? I remember the Mobipocket guys weren't too amused about a third party supporting their format.

12-05-2005, 05:16 PM
<checking> Yep, you can still load unencrypted books in Mobipocket format. I'm not sure if Mobipocket can do much about it (and truly, it's the DRM'd books that are their bread and butter anyway).