View Full Version : Cyrillic/multilingual support on iPhone?

07-24-2009, 01:33 PM
I have been successful in authoring mobi documents with Russian text, and displaying them on my Kindle (with a font hack installed). My question is, will these also display properly on iPhone/iPod Touch using the Kindle app? My guess is 'yes' since it looks like Russian is supported on iPhone platform, but I haven't actually seen any evidence one way or the other about what the Kindle app itself does.

I am also curious about Chinese/Japanese/Korean, which again seem to be supported on iPhone platform - though here my interest is more theoretical, since I can't read these at all.

I think that ebook readers have potential to be great tools for language studies. So far I've yet to see this potential exploited in terms of reader support, and content availability (translating dictionaries, dual-language books etc.). Hope we'll see more of this as ebooks get more popular.

I've attached a Unicode test document that I converted from ePub, which I've found useful in my explorations...