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03-31-2003, 10:23 PM
From iSilo mailing list announcement (I'm only showing the items that are new to b2):

iSiloX 3.35 for Windows and Mac OS enters beta2
iSiloX 3.35b2 addresses the following issues from iSiloX 3.3:

- From 3.35b1: In the Add/Edit Schedule dialog, the Next scheduled
conversion time would not be updated if a Once schedule was chosen.
- From 3.35b1: When setting a Once schedule, the time would end up
being whatever was in the start time field, usually the current
time, instead of the chosen time.
- From 3.35b1: When setting a Monthly schedule, when exiting the
Properties dialog, the day of the month would incorrectly be set
to the last day of the month instead of the user chosen day.
- (iSiloX for Windows) From 3.35b1: .ixl files with spaces in their
path would not be correctly scheduled with Windows Task Scheduler
due to the need for quotes around the file name.

See this thread:

...for a list of fixes/new features for the first beta.