View Full Version : Strange rendering of table contents

05-28-2009, 11:51 AM

as you can see on the attached screenshots, I have a table, and when a line of text in a <th> with right aligned text is beginning with a round opening bracket, it is most likely to be dispalced.
In Screen1.pngI replaced the "(" with an ")". The rendering is as wanted
In Screen2.pngI Put the "(" again at the beginning of that line, and the whole line is moved to the right, partly outside the tables bounds
In Screen3.png I added more "(" to the beginning of other lines. Except for the first line.
In Screen4.png I added the "(" to the other th cells as well. It seems that the first line is always ok, but a "(" as the beginning of the subsequent lines triggers the bad positioning.

I can see this behavior in ADE and in Sony PRS-505.

I tried to replace the "(" with & #40;, but the result is the same.

Does anybody know what could cause this behavior and how to correct it?

Best regards,

Christian Kirchhoff