View Full Version : Question about Adobe Digital Editions library books

05-25-2009, 01:11 AM
I borrowed several ADE books from the library. The formatting is a little funky and I noticed that the epub books I have are formatted much better (I have the SONY 505) Is there a way (using Calibre or another program) that I can convert those borrowed books to epub for better viewing on my reader?



05-25-2009, 09:34 AM
These are PDFs, and they are displaying the way PDFs normally do on the PRS-505.

If you want to format shift them, then first the DRM (encryption) has to be removed. See Adobe ADEPT DRM for PDF circumvented (, which also discusses legality in general and for lending library ebooks in particular. Once DRM-free, there is still the issue of format shifting from PDF to ePub. This is in general hard to do well, although the fact that these are ebooks may mean that the PDF's structure is amenable to reflowing. Calibre can import PDF and export ePub, and version 6.0 (due out as a beta soon) may do this better. Another option is to use Windows MobiPocket Reader to import PDF and export MOBI, and then use Calibre for MOBI to ePub.