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05-20-2009, 06:05 PM
I have attempted to have a serious discussion about DRM on the Sony PRS 500/505 forum but a particular individule keeps ridiculing me and has resorted to name calling. I have warned him that I don't appreciate it. I will give the thread to an administrator if I can get them to look in to it.

05-20-2009, 09:58 PM
To the left of each post is the username and avatar (if existing) of the person who wrote the post. Under that, and under the user details (Posts, Karma, Join Date, Device) are three little graphics: one is a little blue box, with a cross in it if the person is "on-line" at MR; then there's the KARMA box; and then there's the little box with the exclamation mark in it. That last one, if you click on it, reports a post to the moderators. I understand they all get some kind of alert (email?) of the reported post, and then attend to it as needs (be that removal, attendance to the thread, further discussion within their Moderator-only forum section, or attendance to the reported or reporter, and so on).


05-21-2009, 08:38 PM
Thanks, but I don't think it done any good.

05-21-2009, 08:54 PM

The individual was warned by a moderator after you mentioned your problem, and he stopped. MobileRead tries to support free speech and thus the moderators walk a fine line when dealing with heated discussions. Insults do cross the line, and if someone keeps up the insults I'm sure they would deal with them harsher, eventually leading to being banned. But that would not be the first option and really shouldn't be.

As the thread had strained from its intent, Alex (Owner and Admin) closed the thread and recommended that if you want to restart your line of questioning on the intended topic to open a second thread. And I would recommend you do that. There are a -lot- of wonderful and helpful people on MobileRead, however, DRM is almost always a hot topic.

On a personal note, and I'm not accusing you or saying this to be mean, but your second post -did- come off as insultive to me and I think it is what spiralled the topic out of control. I want to mention this in a friendly manner, as people can always disagree. But immediately labeling anyone that is against DRM as being pro-illegal file-sharing will insult a lot of users. While there are those that are, and even those that are members on MobileRead the majority are faithful customers of a variety of legal ebook distributors and publishers. We each have our own reasons that we are vehemenently against DRM, but in general it has NOTHING to do with illegally distributing copies of works.

I am sorry, however, in the way you were treated, as we try to resolve issues on the forum without it degrading to that level.


05-22-2009, 12:44 AM
Yes. Well I did attempt to apologise, for I realized my behavior was rude, but the insults just got worse, and so I retaliate. shich I shouldn't have done. I never specically acused anyone of being a pirate. I just cannot think of a really ligitimate reason why anyone would want to ligitemately make many copies of a best selling book. The Prs 550, in wich this thread began, is coupled with Sony e library. With this library, you can register up to five additional Sony readers. If you register five of your friends readers They could conceivably share your ebooks and you theirs. Since Sony allows it I would assume that's legal. anymore than that I can understand that they would begin to think you were pirating their books. It seems like a reasonable limit to me. however, like you say, this post properly belongs on another thread.
PS: No hard feelings?

05-22-2009, 06:41 AM
No hard feelings. ;)

If you start another thread, I'll try to compose a response as to major issues concerning DRM and why I and many others oppose it. It really doesn't have to do with making lots of copies, or giving copies to anyone else. You'll hear a few people that want everything free, and all information should be distributed and property of the people, etc. That tends to be a vocal minority, and I'm not putting down their views (whether or not I disagree with them), but for the majority of the movement behind eliminating DRM that isn't the case. Just give me a bit of time, perhaps later today I'll write it up. No offense, but I've had a rough night and yesterday wasn't a great deal better so I'm just trying to relax at the moment. :)

Take care,


P.S. If you find that a user or users are bothering you, and that you no longer wish to hear (read) what they are saying the forum has an option. If you click on their name and go to "View Public Profile", on the user's profile just below their name there is a drop down menu labeled "User Lists". You can click on "Add to Ignore List" and you won't see any more of their posts.

05-22-2009, 07:31 AM
this post properly belongs on another thread.

Here you go - I've responded to your comment above here in the Lounge. (