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05-14-2009, 06:41 AM
Hi All,

ZuluReader can now read ePub eBooks as well as RTF's! Get the latest version from the website ( There is also a help file to download now too.

I have tested ZR with Steve Jordan's The Onuissance Cells and a few RTF's converted to ePub with Calibre. They read fine though the table of contents is not working yet. If you have any ePubs it won't read then send me a copy of the file and I'll tweak ZR some more, plenty of that to come I'm sure!

Once I get the table of contents functioning I'll convert the help file to an ePub and include it in the install.

Come on all you prospective beta testers, get to the website and download a copy!

DRM free ePubs ROCK!!!!!


Steve (ondabeach).

Steven Lyle Jordan
05-17-2009, 08:27 PM
As a field-tester working with Steve B, I've been trying out ZuluReader on my PDA as he's been tweaking and improving it. At this moment, it is doing a great job rendering my ePub version of The Onuissance Cells! It is also doing a good job with some of my other ePubs, although I was recently alerted to some formatting errors that I need to fix... but they are still nicely readable.

One of the best aspects of the reader is its ability to be used with a fingertip on your touchscreen... you don't need a stylus or buttons to work its features. This makes it ideal for PDA and smartphone use, as well as (Windows-based) PCs and laptops.

About the only things I noticed in the display was that any HTML "<hr>" tag in the ePub did not display the horizontal rule... and occasionally, there would be an extra space between characters here or there. But I consider those small potatoes... overall, I give it an "A"! And I duly recommend it to my fellow MobileReaders.

As someone who appreciates the simplicity of being able to read e-books on a multi-use device, and a proponent of ePub, I'd consider this a major new tool for e-book readers. Anyone who wants to read an epub file, but who doesn't want to feel forced into buying a dedicated reader or iPhone, should check this out now. The SW can still stand some tweaking, so I hope you'll give Steve a few good pointers, and help him make this the best reader he can!