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05-13-2009, 07:56 AM
I know this doesn't apply to most people on here but I've noticed a at least 2 or 3 sailors loitering around these forums. The Navy Overdrive account (linked to on Navy Knowledge Online ( under Learning-->Learning resources (e-content)-->Audio & Ebooks) recently added Adobe ePub to the library with a number of new books supported by the new format. The library had this to say:
We are delighted to announce the addition of SonyŽ Reader-compatible eBooks in the EPUB format to this catalog! Offering small file sizes and the ability to resize text so that it neatly and instantaneously reflows on the screen, the EPUB eBooks available at this site can also be enjoyed on Windows and Mac computers using Adobe Digital Editions.
The site promotes the Sony Reader since it is the second best known ebook reader and Adobe ePub doesn't work with the Kindle. Military exchanges also sell the Sony Reader on bases all over the world. The site explicitly states "that these titles may not be downloaded to Navy Computers and cannot be used on the Amazon Kindle." So no leisurely reading at work (not that it's ever stopped me during a 12 hour watch--thank god for FTP); that's understandable. But those of us who are more tech savvy know there are ways to make these files work with the Kindle (I won't get into the legal arguments--people on this board are probably well versed).

I'm really happy with the addition of ePub and all the new titles it brought to our Overdrive library. I hope it continues to grow. As the number of people with ebook readers grows, ebook libraries could become very important to military members who are based or deployed overseas. As someone based in Japan who deploys frequently, I often find it difficult to find good English books. Watching the Navy's Overdrive library grow has really made me more excited about the prospect of a better stocked ebook library.

05-16-2009, 12:57 AM
That is good news. All libraries with eBooks should go ePub.

05-16-2009, 09:20 AM
that's brilliant that the navy provides an ebook library ; i can imagine that there isn't much room on a ship for a lot of paper books, so ebooks must be even more loved by sailors ! adding epub support is an excellent decision, congratulations to them.