View Full Version : Making a TOC for LRFs? Issues with Calibre + LRF TOC editor not working

05-06-2009, 02:25 PM
Hello forum,

I edited an .rtf file so that all the all the chapters were labeled "CHAPTER X". I was hoping when I put it through 'convert to LRF' on calibre I would get a nice little TOC at the start of the document.

Instead I see no TOC, and also when I open up the "LRF TOC Editor" application stickied on this forum, the TOC is all messed up.

Basically all the "chapter" links are for page 5999 (and there isn't such a page) and while my "CHAPTER X"'S have been achknowledged apprently also the quotes preceding the chapter headings are also seen as chapters.

Does anyone know a way to simply have my chapter headings formatted as chapters in the LRF file?