View Full Version : eBook Stores Forum(s) needed?

04-19-2009, 08:11 AM
Perhaps it's out there, and I've just missed it, but I think it would be handy to have a Forum (or maybe Forums, one per) on the eBook Stores, corresponding to the Wiki entries:

The reason I say this, is using the Music market as an example, while the Apple iPODs are generally not the best/cheapest MP3 players on the market, the iTunes store arguably is the best online Music store, and the whole level of integration there, ease-of-sampling and buying, is a big part of what made Apple dominant.

Mostly the eMusic/eBook consumer doesn't care a whole lot about formats and DRM and so forth underneath, they just want to be able to listen/read. Current eBook consumers are mostly early adopters, they might find the plumbing interesting, don't mind so much the tower of babel right now in eBook formats. But the masses, they just will want it all to work. And I'm afraid that, while we might want to ignore it, that the whole eBookstore factor here is going to be as determining in the marketplace as the technical quality of the various eBook readers.

The "Deals, Freebies, and Resources" section, I feel, is too lumped together, hence my suggestion to break out the stores.