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04-01-2009, 03:11 PM
I am just beginning to dip my toes into ebook creation and am not sure whether the outcome I am producing is the "way it is", or because I am doing something wrong.

I exported my first project from InDesign to the epub format. When the document is opened in an ereader (Stanza or Digital Editions) all the text is the style and weight.

When I open one of the html documents produced, all the text styles are converted to paragraph tags to which classes are attached with names that link in some way to the InDesign Style names. There are also spans (<span class="generated-style">) wrapping the inside of every element which appear to serve no purpose at all.

What I would like is to attach html heading tags to my my subheading styles so that I get something a little more semantically correct. And also loose the extraneous spans.

Tips, links, advice for getting up to speed with InDesign and epub would be helpful.

<p class="subhead01-sec01" id="toc-anchor">
<span class="generated-style">Introduction</span>

<p class="paragraphs-paragraph-1st">
<span class="generated-style">School shootings, gang activity, armed robberies gone awry, desperate calls for attention, young children discovering weapons they canít handle and simple arguments that escalate too far. Gun violence takes the lives of thousands in the United States each year.</span>

04-06-2009, 10:07 AM
---sorry for my bad english ;)---

i think u have to detach Character-Styles to the text-passages that are italic/bold/etc.
then export it and the style attached to "span"-tags won't be generated-style anymore but the character style u had given to it.
Some other Spans are created because of "bastards" (donno if it's called like that in english...) in your paragraph styles.

me always find/replace text passages that are italic/etc. and attach a character-style to it. so the bastards shouldn't be there anymore.

hope that's helpful... lol

04-13-2009, 09:38 PM
Thanks for the reply Setzer.
I usually don't apply inline character styling and use defined styles, but I don't know if I have defined character choices in each paragraph style.

Also InDesign seems to treat every paragraph as a <p> -- rather than mapping styles to other HTML tags like h1-h5. This is normal? Is there am option I am overlooking which will enable mapping subheading to h(1-5) tags?


i think u have to detach Character-Styles to the text-passages that are italic/bold/etc.