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03-09-2009, 11:22 PM
I have some issues with converting a HTML TOC to LRF format via book designer.
The issue is:
When I have every line of the TOC as a paragraph, there's a small line drawn before it (on the PRS-505).
I know this was an issue already mentioned. Apart from that, I can only show about 13 links to titles or subtitles per page. Bookdesigner will create a space inbetween the lines.

On the other hand when I create a single paragraph, and the TOC inside, with a line return on the end ("<BR>" in HTML),it shows perfect in BD, but on the reader, lines that should be under other lines appear without the line return.

Imagine I want to create a TOC in a storyas follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The story starts unrolling
Chapter 3: ....

Showing HTML codes in red and italic of the original HTML document (which will not appear on the screen of the reader) BD either creates something looking like this (with "options>>paragraphs>>separate is selected;and without the red italic codes):

<p><A HREF="1">__Chapter 1: Introduction</a></p>

<p><A HREF="2">__Chapter 2: The story starts unrolling</a></p>

<p><A HREF="...">__Chapter 3: ....</a></p>

Or (when a single paragraph is used with Line return):

<p><A HREF="1">Chapter 1: Introduction</a><BR><A HREF="2">Chapter 2: The story starts unrolling</a><BR><A HREF="...">Chapter 3: ....</a></p>

Encoding line return does not seem to work (<BR>)apart from using paragraph breaks.

When "options>>paragraphs>>separate is unselected one can seem to get closest to the right TOC result with a small line before the paragraph, but one also needs to separate paragraphs within the text by using double paragraphs...

I'm really not into writing now, but for those who use BD regularly, I do hope it makes some sense.

How do you coop with line returns, paragraph breaks and spacing etc?

03-09-2009, 11:46 PM
I have noted that BD doesn't like paragraph breaks in the TOC.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The story starts unrolling
Chapter 3:....

Should be encoded without <p></p> even mentioned in the TOC.
So according to BD the HTML should look more like this:

<A HREF="1">__Chapter 1: Introduction</a>
<A HREF="2">__Chapter 2: The story starts unrolling</a>
<A HREF="...">__Chapter 3: ....</a>

I haven't tested the result on the reader yet. Ideas concerning manually creating a TOC from HTML are welcome!