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02-08-2009, 10:45 AM
Pekin in 1900 is a dangerous place for a stranger. Alec Drury, a young American is stranded in this big city full of dangers.
It was May 31, 1900, and throughout the vast city of Pekin, with its million and more of souls, excitement ran high. Day by day had added fuel to the smoldering fires, yet of the alien inhabitants only a few saw beneath the surface, were able to read the ominous signs correctly. The clouds were thickening; the yellow storm was gathering fury and purpose: the hour was very near when a new and bloody chapter was to be inscribed on the tablets of history and civilization.

The society of Boxers, founded originally by the infamous Yu Hsien, a prefect of Shan Tung, had become a formidable power in that province. Their avowed object was the destruction of the foreigner and his religion, and but half-hearted attempts were made to suppress them.

How will our young hero handle this dreadful situation? Get on board and get ready for a bumpy ride.