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01-31-2009, 09:16 AM
After spending a month or so with the EZ Reader, I have a couple of items I'd love to see added to the firmware.

Delete a book on the device. My Sony 505 has that feature and I never realized how convenient it is to delete a book as soon as I finish it.
The page number/battery status bar disappears at the bottom of the screen when reading PDF files. I have converted a number of books from other formats to PDF and if I forget to add page numbers to the book, I have no reference for where I am in the book.

Other than better formatting for some of the other formats, like ePub there is not much that I bothers me enough to put it on the list.

I also flashed the latest Hanlin firmware a couple of days ago and the Mobi formatting is improved over the shipping EZ Reader version. I do miss the original EZ Reader splash screen though.:) A dedicated place on the EZ Reader web site with the firmware images would also be nice.

Overall, I really like the EZ Reader!

01-31-2009, 09:54 AM
Two comments;

OpenInkPot does both of those things now & works very well on the EZ Reader. Only problem is it only works with ebooks without DRM. OI also seems to be easier on the battery. I leave my EZ Reader on all the time with almost no use of battery.
Jinke has a SW called "LogoMaker" that you can DL and insert your own opening & closing images. This way you can personalize your images. Only downside is that each time you install an update you have to insert your images again to overwrite those from the up the update, which means you want to keep the two output files created by LogoMaker for later use. If you keep an SD card for the updates you can make the appropriate folders on that card and leave the LogoMaker files permanently on it. Then the procedure to reinstall them is quite simple. (Oh, and it doesn't work with OI.)