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James Oliver Curwood, (June 12, 1878 August 13, 1927), was an American novelist and conservationist.
A great number of his works were turned into movies, several of which starred Nell Shipman as a brave and adventurous woman in the wilds of the north. Many films from Curwood's writings were made during his lifetime, as well as after his passing through to the 1950s. In 1988 French director Jean-Jacques Annaud used his 1916 novel, The Grizzly King to make the film The Bear. Annaud's success generated a renewed interest in Curwood's stories that resulted in five more films being produced in 1994 and 1995.
James Oliver Curwood lived most of his life in Owosso, Michigan, where he was born on June 12, 1878. His first novel was The Courage of Captain Plum (1908) and he published one or two novels each year thereafter, until his death on August 13, 1927. Owosso residents honor his name to this day, and Curwood Castle (built in 1922) is the town's main tourist attraction. During the 1920s Curwood became one of America's best selling and most highly paid authors. This was the decade of his lasting classics The Valley of Silent Men (1920) and The Flaming Forest (1921). He and his wife Ethel were outdoors fanatics and active conservationists.

When he thought he was dying, Sergeant Kent, the best man-trapper in the Royal Mounted, told a story that branded him as a murderer and set another man free. But the doctor's diagnosis was wrong; death by hanging grinned in the trooper's face. Love of life and a beautiful mystery girl, who had laughed at him and called him a liar, now made him a fugitive - a hunter becomes the hunted. With him, down those fabled rivers flowing north to the frozen Arctic, sped the girl, whose own secret winds like a thread of wild magic to the hidden Valley of Silent Men.