View Full Version : New Versions of eReader Coming?

Bob Russell
03-23-2005, 06:53 AM
PDA247 ( is reporting the following indication that a new eReader version may be coming soon for Pocket PC and PalmOS. This scoop is based on correspondence between someone named Tony, and eReader customer service.

If this is true, it seems the new versions would be following soon after the new version of eReader for Symbian ( just released. I'd expect the Pocket PC version to at least include that VGA support so long waited for.From Tony- "I have been having a few problems with my account and whilst sorting it out I took the opportunity to ask some questions. Like when a new version was due and if the features that those of us that have left Palm miss( like screen orientation).

These are the answers I got.

We are releasing a new version of ereader for the PocketPC that will hopefully be our best yet. Stay tuned to for more details

I know that they have been hard in development for the newest version of ereader for some time, but I have no ETA for that release at this time."

I was told a week ago that a possible new version is being made for Palm OS as well- can this program get much better??? Very encouraging news because it was starting to feel a lot like development had been abandoned for Palm and Pocket PC!

Alexander Turcic
03-23-2005, 09:19 AM
These are most welcomed news, Bob! I hope eReader is going to fix their PPC version to make it at least VGA compatible. I try to keep my excitement down, however, since I know that eReader had some internal problems with their developers. In fact, the main guy behind the PPC version of eReader, Peter Fry, left the company last year.