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01-10-2009, 07:42 PM
I am fairly new at this but previously had no problems. I have a client who--strangely enough--made all his images in MS Word's drawing tools. Bad enough there as I had to manually pull all bits and pieces along with out-of-the-box captioning out and create gif images for him.

In my first conversion from MS Word(a testing document) it worked on the Mobi PC reader, the emulator and my Pocket PC although the gifs looked awful so I started over, using Snagit to catch higher res snapshot gifs. Not so good ... did the same thing with Jpegs ... still blah ... did pngs all resized to less than 63k ... much better but when I converted the Word file that now had the embedded pngs, the images would come up in the Mobi PC reader but would not appear on the smaller screen items. I then reran test docs w/gifs & jpgs of differing sizes and resolutions but still ... good on the PC reader, nothing on the small screens.

I cleared out all my associated images, even scraped the template and all previously created mobi files using the same image names and put the less than 63k images into a testing Word file. Converted ... now I some images, others are heavily compressed/pixilated, most don't show up at all in the small screens ... everything looks great on the PC reader though. I even dug out the original MS Word test file that did work on everything, ran it through the conversion after removing all publications again and it was doing the same thing, mostly missing images in small screens.

I am stumped. Is it the Word drawings or did I irretrievably screw something up along the way? I tried going into the html to replace but it looked like I'd be replacing them with the exact same images again. And I'm burned out on it.

Any ideas?

I'd be very grateful for any ideas! Thanks.

Nate the great
01-10-2009, 08:09 PM
You've actually encountered 2 different problems.

The first is that some of your images have been shrunk to fit your screen. Click on an image, and you will enter something called "image mode" where you can see the whole image, scroll around, magnify, etc. This isn't really a problem, more of an oddity.

I bet the second problem is that the version of MobiReader running on your Pocketpc does not support large images. I bet you are using v4.8 or v4.9.

I don't know about you, but the second problem annoys the hell out of me. I have a complete set of Narnia ebooks _with_ the original illustration. I can't see the illustrations on any of my Windows CE devices becuase they are too big.

01-10-2009, 10:01 PM
You may have already seen MobiPocket: Image Support ( I did not think it mattered any more, but the IMG tag in Mobipocket publications supports up to three source attributes for various resolutions: src, losrc and hisrc. I also generally recommend JPEG for everything except line drawings, but these may not be supported on very old reader software (so I would use GIF for losrc).