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Dr. Drib
01-10-2009, 12:17 PM
This is my assemblage of three titles by Paul Ernst.
These three titles were released under a Creative Commons License. There is additional acknowledgment AND a link again placed at the end of the book. Book was acquired from Munseys, BUT REFORMATTED BY ME TO MY SPECIFICATIONS.,_The,_The

Paul Ernst was a grand old pulp writer.

This collection I've assembled includes three short mysteries collected from these pulps:

1) The Phantom Detective (1937)
2) Popular Detective (1936)
3) Astounding Stories (1932)

These are great, fun reads - good action with plenty of thrills that only the pulps can give.

Like all the books I assemble on MobileRead, this too was assembled to reflect human intervention and artistic judgment.

I hope you enjoy it.