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01-05-2009, 07:50 AM

I really enjoy the work being developed by the Open Inkpot team. As well as the wonderfully useful MobileRead forums. As I have been wanting to buy an ebook reader (for my Gf, bookr on psp for me :P, so far...) my search on the marketed devices as of yet, led me to both.

To this end, and from what I have seen on the several devices UI's and the openikpot specifically, It piked my interest on the possibility of helping to improve or design a completely new UI for the project.

I have a good deal of experience both designing interfaces as well as working of open-source and Homebrew software. And would very much enjoy on collaborating with the OI team on improving or overhauling Inkpot's UI.

It would be essential to start mapping software functions as well as the current and near future hardware buttons, and start from there on develop concepts for an easy-to-use and powerful UI could work. It would be essential on knowing well the devices limitations and technical specifications required to this end.

The community collaboration would also be of immense value as it gives a wide and experienced sample of users to draw knowledge and requirements from.

As a Graphic Designer, typography is second nature to me, so the project can draw from my pool of professional knowledge and resources too for reducing problems and increasing legibility.

If a full featured project is not desired, I still would love making a few concepts, and would still be available on at least making graphical assets for OpenInkpot.

I would enjoy community contribution at this point on making a detailed list of strong an weak points on the current UI's as well as wanted features. Ranking them by priority would also be useful. I know there is at least one thread on how an optimal device would be and in time I will be drawing from thhat too.

I hope my offer gains momentum and that OpenInkpot grows to be both a Strong and Beautiful beast.

01-05-2009, 09:18 AM
One important technical aspect that would help me with starting to develop my concepts is the page refresh time, as well as the capability of refreshing only part(s) of the page, if at all.

The most significant devices would be the Hanlin v3, Iliad, Netronix EB-600 and PRS-550.

This is very important so as it helps contemplating number of steps/time for specific actions ang regulate the flow of the UI.

Moe The Cat
01-05-2009, 09:28 AM
Alfatreze, have you visited the OpenInkpot website ( You can view all the open tickets and monitor progress of the project there. Also, the developers hang out on IRC at in channels #openinkpot and #openinkpot-ru. They're very responsive and I'm sure would welcome your input there.

01-05-2009, 12:25 PM
Thank you "Moe the Cat", I was thinking about doing it, and have done so already.

To start this project it would be useful to get people with different devices to share screens of the entire UI, so I can investigate and different solutions have been implemented, problems, features, etc.

I will then make a gallery with them all on flickr, this will also be a nice way to compare them.

I will also make a test image for people to use to see how each device renders colors, gradients, etc. To help set up a good base for all the different screens/controllers. It will also help serve as a comparison in image quality, speed tests etc. It should be similar to the ones commonly used to test and calibrate printers.