View Full Version : HTML to image and CHM to images and CHM to LRF

12-14-2008, 08:58 AM
Convert HTML to image with mozilla rendering engine.

The best rendering application of HTML is web browser such as
FireFox(Mozilla), but full function web browser is too large for some
devices such as ebook reader. One of the solution is to pre-render
HTML on PC with web browser and send the resulting image to

Only Linux is supported now!


xulrunner --app html2img-xulrunner/application.ini [-zoom <zoom factor>] [-width <width>] <input html url> <output png file>

mb_html.tar.gz and mb.png is example html and result.

CHM can be converted to images with a python script attached with the post. <chm file>

A new version of pi can be used to convert from resulting images to LRF file or a set of appropriate images.

gzip -d gj.conf.gz, edit gj.conf, change input to generated imgs of previous step

cd <pi directory>
. gj.conf