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10-13-2008, 05:08 AM

I've been thinking about a PRS-700 purchase and was hoping someone might have some details about this new device.

1) Battery/Charger:
A) How much impact does the integrated lighting have on battery charge?
B) Are there any sources for replacement batteries and how difficult would it be to replace one? (Heh, probably listed as 'non user replaceable').
C) Will any ~5v ac adapter charge this device? Is a specific amperage required?

2) Controller: Does it have the same controller as the 505, the new Epson, or other?

3) Storage:
A) What is the max. capacity of memory stick and SD cards it will accept?
B) Does the device make a separate index for files on memory cards or integrate them with files on the internal memory? Is a search/find performed easily?
C) What impact do the different memory cards have on battery charge? Same as 505?(i.e.memory stick=not so bad, SD=battery sucker).

Any info is appreciated.
Has anyone seen the innards yet? Pics or links to pics would be a bonus.

10-13-2008, 05:59 AM
At the moment, we're guessing, so...
1-B: Almost certainly non-trivial
1-C: Almost certainly - Generic PSP chargers are fine for the 505 & no reason that would have changed

2-B: Unknown - reports suggest that the filing system is changed from the 500/505
2-C: The actual memory sticks make a difference in terms of current draw too, it's not just MS=OK, SD=Bad /but/ will you really need to carry more than ~500 books with you at once, i.e. will you really exceed the internal memory?

innards: Strictly, no-one outside Sony's yet seen a /final/ 700, let alone got one to take apart!

10-13-2008, 08:23 AM
:thanks: for the reply.

Regarding 2-C: Good point - it is unlikely i will need more than 500 at once (can it really hold that many?) In any event, is there data posted anywhere on which draw the least current?

As for 1-B and the innards, looks like I'll have to order one, carefully open it up, and post pics. Hopefully someone will post a service manual like they did for a previous model.