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07-03-2013, 12:56 PM
Unlike ADE, Sony desktop reader doesn't recognize special characters in Polish, Hungarian, etc. languages.
Is there a way to "teach" it to recognize these characters?
I prefer Sony for it's looks, but this problem makes me use ADE.

07-03-2013, 01:18 PM
What is your computer system set for, English or one of these languages?

07-03-2013, 01:47 PM

07-03-2013, 01:58 PM
I guess it's just the default font it uses.

07-03-2013, 02:10 PM
Under Edit, preferences you can set language, but it is limited to English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. The version I am using is older. Maybe the current one has more alternatives.

You can try using the firefox add-in epubreader and see if will work for you. Or Nook for PC also reads epubs from your computer, it might do better.

07-03-2013, 02:52 PM
Thanks for your replies, but if Sony wouldn't read these languages, ADE is still the best option. BTW, in the new Sony they've added Russian. NOOK has no language options, and while Firefox add-on does support them, it is less convenient then ADE to use constantly.

07-03-2013, 09:38 PM
Sony's software is using ADE 1.7.2. The default font in ADE 1.7.2 is very limited in extended characters.

If you are making ePub for sale, and you need any sort of extended characters, you cannot assume ADE 2.0. It's best to embed a font to achieve what you want.

07-04-2013, 07:52 AM
Wolfie is right. ADE is the basis of many of the reader's software, but it is not implemented the same in most of them. You need to check your work in real devices. They will also reveal things that the PC software will not show like how things look in smaller windows and also in black and white (or don't appear at all like one title that was in orange!)

Embedding a font makes sure what you need will be there. Be sure the font has every letter you need and is open source unless cost is no object. Embedding a font will increase the size of the epub by a megabyte or more, so some attention is needed to make sure it does not cause a problem for your users. It can be a little tricky so, as above, check the epub in devices you anticipate your readers will use.