View Full Version : Modify ePub with video for use on iPad/ iBooks ?

07-02-2013, 11:46 AM
Any idea what kind of VIDEO formats does iBooks support?

I am trying to maybe put together workout plans with exercise VIDEO into an ePub for referral on the iPad.

It currently works fine on Firefox with eBook reader but I'd like to use it on the iPad.

The current videos are WebM format. What can I do to convert/ insert the videos back in such way that it works on the iPad

07-02-2013, 03:45 PM
you should look at the iBooks asset guide (which you can find on iTunes Connect) for detailed instructions on formatting both normal and HD video. there are supplementary assets you also need to include, such as poster images for each video file, and a few other requirements on including A/V that don't specifically have to do with the video file itself.

short answer: mpeg with .m4v extension.

07-02-2013, 04:16 PM
Which ePub tool/ editor/ maker would be good for this (assuming I have the iBooks related stuff figured out).

Any suggestions on video converters would be great as well.

07-02-2013, 05:51 PM
Which ePub tool/ editor/ maker would be good for this

for what exactly? the basic mpeg -> m4v can be done in iTunes...

07-02-2013, 06:51 PM
The ePub file VIDEO works well in Firefox+Plugin. Video does not work on iBooks.

So when I pulled the Video from Firefox it is in .WebM format.

I'd like to replace these .WebM files with ones that work well in iBooks.

And also make customized workout routines using these once the FIRST STEP of replace/modify is done.