View Full Version : Any Chinese vertical text ePub 3 samples?

Nil Einne
06-08-2013, 07:07 PM
Anyone know of any where I can get a sample of a vertical layout traditional Chinese ebook in ePub3 format? Preferably in right to left with right to left page progression or samples of both. I've looked at various sample including the repository in Google code, the Azardi samples and a bunch of other place and while I found a few Japanese samples with vertical text, I'd like a Chinese one to show someone who can read Chinese. I would be nice if it also has some English or or latin alphabet text or even better if it mixes vertical and horizontal text (well I think that is possible in ePub3 but I'm not sure).

Well simplified Chinese would be okay too but I believe it's rare for it to be written vertically in books so seems a little odd. The only sample I've come across so far with Chinese is the UNHCR one on Azardi and a bunch of other ones which are all horizontal left to right, generally not even ePub3.

I could perhaps make one myself but would prefer one made by someone who hopefully know's what they're doing.


06-09-2013, 08:49 AM
Just in case, did you have a look at this thread ( I realise it is Japanese but the html/css in the epub could be equally applied to Chinese text.

Public domain ebook in example: 106819