View Full Version : table centering in ePub

05-24-2013, 04:41 PM
I have been attempting to center tables in an ePub file. The eBook was designed in and exported from InDesign CS6; I then edited the CSS and xhtml using Dreamweaver CS6 to center the tables (and allow extra space beneath them).

I finally was able to get them to look right in ADE and Nook for PC, but now the ePub file doesn't validate with the idpf ePub validator. I receive an error:

element "table" not allowed here; expected the element end-tag, text or element...[followed by many suggestions]

at every line where I have a table.

I don't understand what this error means, or why a table wouldn't be allowed. If I run my original exported ePub (without CSS and XHTML editing) through the ePub validator, I do not get any errors, even though the tables are in the same place.

Any ideas?

05-24-2013, 05:41 PM
I would expect the tag before this is not closed. You may have placed your table at the wrong level. It should be a block level element.