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05-14-2013, 01:44 PM
So, I created an epub ebook in Sigil. I tested it on the nook touch and the nook hd+. It worked perfectly. The look was exactly what I wanted and all the links within the book worked. I have links that reference image scattered throughout the book as well as headers that are not at the beginning of a new file. After uploading to Nook press the links are all screwed up. The only place anything will link to is the beginning of a new html file. All the links to the images and to anything in the middle of a file now direct you only to the beginning of the file. An example of one of the links from my original file is:

Figures <b><a href="../Text/Chapters.htm#image1">1</a></b>

The image code is:
<div class="image" id="image1"><img alt="" src="../Images/ABDOC_109_1_7mmPart1P1.jpg" /></div>

This is the code after uploading it to Nook Press:

Figures <b><a data-np-asset-id="369855" data-np-asset-target="href" data-np-asset-type="Section::Xhtml" href="../Text/section-369855.html" title="Link: #image1">1</a></b>

The image code is:

<div class="image" id="image2"><img alt="" data-np-asset-id="210606" data-np-asset-target="src" data-np-asset-type="Image" src="../Images/ABDOC_109_1_7mmPart1P2.jpg" /></div>

This image is located in the middle of the Chapters html file. In nook press it links to the beginning of the Chapters html file. It seems like it is reading the Text and Chapters.htm part of the link but not the #image1 part. This also happens on my return links from my endnotes and references at the end of the book. I also can't link to anything that is not the beginning of a new file from the table of contents. I know their "meatgrinder" software added a bunch of crap code onto my file when I uploaded it to Nook Press. Has anyone ran into something similar to this or have an idea on how to address this issue?

BTW. All my chapters are in one file named chapters.htm. This is due to the fact that some chapters are one or two paragraphs. This is more of an article than a book.

05-20-2013, 02:50 PM
Looks like a bug in Nook Press. Contact B&N Customer Support and let them know that their import code is eating destination anchors. :)

02-25-2014, 01:04 PM
I'm having this same problem with Nook Press. My links will only lead to the beginning of a chapter when the epub I created links to footnotes or images, etc.

Did you ever figure out a solution?