View Full Version : CHM to epub with Calibre, Images are missing and even downscaled

02-27-2013, 10:42 AM

I converted a chm file with Calibre to epub. Thanks to this Thread I used the option linearize tables so there is no missing text anymore.
However in the first pages of the CHM there is "About the authors" and two images are displayed, but not on my Reader (Aldiko). If I extract the epub file, I see that the images are contained in the epub. Opening the html file from epub displays the image correctly on my PC.
I have a second problem. Some images in the chm are in a small version, on clicking you get the big version with more resoltion. First how can I ensure that this large image is always shown in the epub, so I don't have to click. Second, this large image is scaled down by Aldido and the resolution is reduced. How can I keep the original quality?