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01-17-2013, 10:50 AM
Hello everyone! I'm a longtime lurker, first-time poster. I've read and read and READ through the forums but cannot find an answer that is specific to my question. So here it is.

I have a correctly formatted Word Doc. By "correctly" I mean that it passes Smashwords just fine and is meticulously formatted (again, only through Word). I want to use iTunes Producer to get it going through Apple myself (not through Smashwords). So I converted it to ePub with Calibre, and with Calibre's viewer it looks beautiful and 100% correct.

There are no images in the file, no complicated coding or crazy HTML or CSS or manual coding or anything like that. The only sort of complicated thing is a hyperlinked TOC and a couple of hyperlinks to the author's website. I thought it would be pretty straightforward to get it up on iTunes.

But I cannot for the life of me get it to deliver to Apple! It passes validation just fine, but then I seriously get something like 35 error messages. It is panic-inducing and maddening. I don't even know how to address one of them, let alone 35! I don't know what to do about it, even know where to start, really, because I can't find any thorough guide on how to do this beginning to end with a Word document. Every guide I see has stuff about different files to modify and code to change, and I just don't think that pertains to me.

So, what I'd love to know is if anyone knows of any "must-do" list for successful iTunes Producer deliveries when creating ePub files with Calibre from Word Documents.

I also have access to and limited experience with InDesign and ADE, and can recreate the book with that, if that is a better, more stable way to deliver it.

I feel like I'm flailing here! And I pride myself on being able to figure this stuff out, and I'm pretty tech-savvy, so this is utterly maddening. Any help is appreciated (even if it's only a sympathetic ear!).


01-17-2013, 12:34 PM
if you're able to post the error messages you were getting from iTunes Producer it would help to compile a sort of workflow or checklist like you mentioned.

i'm not sure how popular a word > calibre workflow would be, though, because word generates a huge amount of messy code, and i imagine that how calibre interprets various forms of Word-mess could vary widely from book to book.

i think a better idea would be to use Sigil or InDesign to create the epub. both create cleaner code than Word, so it's less likely that you're going to have upload problems onto retailers' sites, and then it's just a matter of decoding the error messages that Apple is giving you. in my experience it's usually it's something a missing reference in the <guide> element.

01-17-2013, 03:42 PM
OK, well, I've spent all day re-creating the book in InDesign and I'll be uploading to ITP tonight; I'll let you know how it goes.