View Full Version : Fonts in body text in iBooks

11-15-2012, 09:35 AM
I know that this topic inspired Liz Castro to great fury a while ago, but does anyone know a good and reliable way to force the use of an embedded font in the body text in iBooks?

I'm using an embedded font as my dropcap. Looks lovely on all devices that allow it (especailly pleased with the look on the Kindle now). But on the iPad, where I'm using the same font for chapter headers and want a bit of nice typography in my dropcap.

I've tried.....

<p class = "first-para"><span class = "dropcap">N</span>ow is the winter of our discontent.</p>

and also, as suggested on another thread here...

<p class = "first-para"><samp><span class = "dropcap">N</span></samp>ow is the winter of our discontent.</p>

...where Samp has the font element in the CSS. Seems that Apple have closed off that particular exploit (unless the span is breaking it... will go check this).

(yep, my dropcaps degrade gracefully on the older Kindles!) ;)

11-15-2012, 09:41 AM
... oho! Yes, taking out the SPAN seems to have allowed me to slip this past the guards!

Best go check this on all the devices I can lay my hands on now.
I think that overriding SAMP is a bit of a dirty hack, and I kind of feel resentful towards Apple for making me do that. :(