View Full Version : Develop epub 3.0 reader on Android and iOS

08-27-2012, 08:23 PM
Hi All,

We need to develop a epub 3.0 reader on both Anroid and iOS. The obvious solution is to use webkit as the engine since the latest webkit versions already support the epub3.0 features we'd like to have.

However, since the older webkit versions (on older devices) don't support some of the epub 3.0 features, someone recommended us to build our own webkit (from webkit nightly source) and bundle it within our app.

On Android, it seems possible, but we are not sure how compmlex that "porting" task is. On iOS, we are not sure if Apple allows this (but it seems iBooks and Kobo are both using their own webkit engines).

Could experts here shine some light on those issues, or provide some guidance on the direction we shall take on this project? That'd be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!