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12-30-2007, 08:34 PM
I saw this on this morning:

How to Install Wikipedia on Your (

Yes thatís right. You can now have the entire Wikipedia encylopedia on your iPod. Clocking in at only 1.7 GB of space, it is a very handy tool if you have the sudden uncontrollable urge while out at the shops to discover the capital of Mongolia or the mating habits of eels

It sounds interesting, but no I haven't tried it. It sounds like something you'd only want to do on that last-gen iPod that you have gathering dust, because it installs a dual boot version with Linux to run the Wikipedia software:

[quote]This is EXPERIMENTAL software, use it at your own risk.

This program will install a multi-boot configuration of Encyclopodia and the
original Apple firmware on the iPod. The whole content of the iPod, in-
cluding the iTunes DB and the configuration of the original firmware will
not be touched.
You can choose between the Apple FW and Encyclopodia to be the default firm-

How the installer works
The windows formatted iPod has to be repartitioned to run iPodLinux.
This is done by overwriting the old MBR with a new one in which the
firmware partition is split into a smaller firmware partition and an user-
land partition.[quote]