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Joseph Picard
06-09-2012, 05:38 PM
Aside from ADE, the epub I'm working on seems to work fine.... and a very similar situation in another epub works fine.. comparing the two seems to get me no answers.

I get to a section at the end of my book about 'other books in this series', and the first page of that is dandy- but when I try for the next page, it bounds right to the last page, skipping over a page (or two, depending on whether I make a section header for the 2nd book listed)

-and when you go BACK a page, it behave normally, going to a skipped page. Going forward again skips to the last page again.

I've tried shedding it down to just simple text with no code in it, but it keeps happening. Anyone heard of this?

In case it helps at all, here's the code I WANT to have.. (I'm not sure why I post this though, since as I've said, deucing the html source to simple text doesn't remove the issue)

this paste includes the last line of the story, and leads into the 'other books', right through to the end. This was also taken from the epub itself, and not the pre-conversion html I edit in.


“Redundancy is a life saver.”</span></span></p><div class="calibre13"><div class="calibre20">
<p lang="en-US" class="calibre28"><br class="calibre2"/>
<p lang="en-US" class="calibre16"><img border="0" src="ending.png" class="calibre6"/></p>
<h2 lang="en-US" class="calibre32">
Keep an eye out for other books in this series!</h2>
<p class="calibre5">
<img border="0" src="web%20cover%20lifehack.jpg" class="calibre33"/></p>
<p class="calibre5">
She lost her brother.<br class="calibre2"/>
She learnt to fight a legion of the dead.<br class="calibre2"/>
She spent two years alone, scavenging to survive.<br class="calibre2"/>
Then to make things difficult, she fell in love with a straight girl.<br class="calibre2"/>
<br class="calibre2"/>
Regan Grier, assumed dead, faces a city of walking corpses in which she
struggles to find her brother. Her hopeless efforts meet some unsolicited help
after two years.<br class="calibre2"/>
Enter Captain Alisia Terone. Intent on rescuing Regan from the city, stumbles on
an unforeseen hazard: Regan's love.<br class="calibre2"/>
<br class="calibre2"/>
Regan's problems intertwine with Alisia's as they hunt the source of the
technologically driven zombies, and cope with Regan's love for the
inconveniently straight Captain.</p>
<p class="calibre5">
<h3 class="calibre34">
<img border="0" src="2012lifehackornamentp.png" class="calibre35"/></h3>
<p class="calibre5">
<img border="0" src="web%20cover%20eoe.jpg" class="calibre36"/></p>
<p class="calibre5">
Sarah's got daddy issues. He lives in her head, built her out of fish, and
killed millions of people.<br class="calibre2"/>
But he's really sorry.<br class="calibre2"/>
Honest.<br class="calibre2"/>
<br class="calibre2"/>
A father that lives in your head wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't the killer of
millions. At least it’s comforting to know that he didn't murder the fishes used
to create your body.<br class="calibre2"/>
Or the seagull. Sarah hides her illegal nanite origins in an effort to build an
ordinary life, but the legacy of dad's horrors makes it difficult. Especially
when new but familiar zombie-like abominations begin to appear in the city.</p>
<p class="calibre37"> </p>
<p class="calibre5">
<img border="0" src="ending.png" class="calibre6"/><br clear="LEFT" class="calibre2"/>
Find them in multiple formats at:</p>
<p class="calibre5"><b class="calibre38">OZERO.CA</b></p>
<p class="calibre5">,, and other outlets.</p>
<p lang="en-US" class="calibre16"> </p>


Joseph Picard
06-09-2012, 06:00 PM
This is nuts... while viewing in ADE, if I reduce the font size twice, so that it's a 2-page view, it works fine. I'm wondering if I should just chalk it up to ADE effin up, and leave it as is. Not that it's spiffy to have my 'ad' chopped up for people viewing in certain modes using ADE, but I guess it's not the end of the world. Hell, it's the MOBI I need more anyway, and it seems to be fine.