View Full Version : Convert from PDF/RTF to ePub - What has worked for me

05-14-2012, 02:31 PM
I have recently purchased 2 Pandigital novel readers because of 2 things, Price & the claim that they read PDF files....well, the PDF claim is bull, it will not open a plain jane PDF at all, only the "digital format" PDF. So I go looking for a work-around. This is what I found in a thread on here I do believe....

"I found today a good way to convert PDF to ePUB
It's in 3 steps:

1. mobipocket creator: PDF -> html
2. mobipocket creator: html -> PRC
3. Calibre PRC -> ePub

That converion makes usable TOC

I use mobipocket because conversion Calibre PDF ->ePub - doesn't look good to me"

This works GREAT for my Pandigital novel, and keeps all the formatting & TOC after doing over 30 conversions.

Now I had a problem with some RTF, DOC, and TXT file, they kept getting all the paragraph-page break-etc info mixed in with the text, and the programs listed above did not help. After a few hours of experimenting I found out that this has worked for me.....

1. Grab Open Office, open the file in it, and save it as a ODF.

2. Export it using the writer2epub add-on for Open Office.

3. If #2 does not work, import the ODF back into Open Office & then save it as a RTF file. Then do the first conversion process listed at the top.

Doing this has allowed me to convert every file I have into ePub format with very little or no problems in the output, and keep the TOC intact.

Hope This Helps!! :cool: