View Full Version : Getting blogs with MobiReader (Windows)

12-10-2007, 08:17 PM
I like reading blogs on my Kindle but don't want to pay for the privilege. The easy way for me to get the blogs I want is to add them to the eNews in the desktop version of MobiPocket Reader. Then I send them to my Kindle. For some reason MobiPocket Reader stopped recognizing my Kindle (but that's another thread) so I do a work around by right clicking on the newsfeed I want on my Kindle and then selecting the correct USB drive letter. The only downside is that MobiPocket Reader sends the files to a *new* folder called "ebooks" which isn't recognized by the Kindle. So I copy the folder's contents to the "documents" folder.

What you get is the title of the newsfeed, blog, etc. on the first page, the article listings with hyperlinks on the second page. No "Skip this article" hyperlink like in the paid for Amazon newsfeeds and blogs. Oh yeah, the Kindle recognizes these files as "Periodicals" so it's easy to sort.

I haven't seen any imbedded hyperlinks in the articles but I'm just starting this.

Didn't have a newpaper I could use on a newsfeed so I'm trying Google News and it has a ton of top stories from different sources. Plus there are usually pictures.

Still fooling around with this but it looks to be a viable alternative to paying for blogs.