View Full Version : Pockebook IQ 701 question

02-26-2012, 02:47 PM
I read someone's else's post about his Pocketbook IQ 701 not being recognized by his Mac computer. I have debated about buying an IQ with myself for a while and came to this forum to find out more. I use an iMac (fantastic zoom features I need). Can anyone confirm or disprove a problem connecting the IQ to a Mac?
Also, sounds like the PB IQ requires a little tach savvy to set it up right.
I am a bit wary of that also.

I emailed Pocketbook to ask about the A"7 I saw on the website because I thought the backlit button feature sounded good for me. But apparently they have no plans to market it in the US.

Do you PB IQ users still recommend the IQ? I have no idea whether firmware updates are still available.
Thanks for you input!