View Full Version : Remove and Add pages and change file names

01-26-2012, 02:05 PM
Hi I'm new here so I hope I can get a reply to what I'm looking for, I've searched everywhere and am overwhelmed by the info, so thanks in advance.

I've sourced a number of Open Source ePubs that I wish to put on a CD and distribute, before hand I wish to make some amendments to these files as follows:

Remove the first 2 pages
Replace with first page Book Cover Image
Replace page 2 with quick bit about me

I also want to change the names of the files within the ePub, if I extract these using WinRar I see in the content folder a file name that is a name.0htlm etc, I want to change this name and then resemble the ePub or if it is easy change the ePub.

I have lots of these ePubs that will need this doing so ideally I want to make it very easy to do in bulk or batch.

I'm relatively computer savvy but no programmer so any help is welcome.

Sorry to go but am gratefull for any help or guidance.