View Full Version : KIndle store and "not yet available"

11-27-2007, 05:22 PM
I was just browsing the new releases at the kindle store and ran across the acclaimed "An Army at War" and tried to order it. At which point the page said "not yet available".

Now why the heck would they do this? The book has been around in paper for some time. Why put it on the Kindle index page as if you could buy it and then tell you that you can't.

Even odder is that this is the first book of a trilogy and the second book IS available for download....

More research finds that all the books listed with today's release date are not available - all of the books with yesterday's or earlier dates are available.

So they must put them on the page the day before they are available. The question is why - kinda dumb for the sake of one day. Why not just wait until they ARE available?

Update: As expected, the next day it showed up as available. The lesson here is that if you try to buy a kindle book that says "not yet available", try again the next day. Apparently it is just a weird little glitch in thier system.