View Full Version : Anybody try a book download via 1xRTT?

11-22-2007, 02:27 PM

Has anybody yet tried a book download via 1xRTT in an area w/o EVDO access?

If so, how long did it take and were there any problems?

I would be curious to know how usable the 1xRTT is as we are out of the EVDO area at home. I know one can always use the web and USB but it would be nice to know if I should even attempt to use the wireless outside of an EVDO area when mine comes on Monday.


11-22-2007, 03:20 PM
At work mine falls back to 1xRTT in certain places in the office. When I first got it at least, I could not do web browsing when it was in 1xRTT ("failed to connect"). I did not try accessing the store or downloading from it, and I have not tried since to see if perhaps it was a "provisioning" issue where the older network hadn't fully registered the device or something.

Book downloads are only 1MB or so and I doubt that you'd notice much difference in 1xRTT for that. Web browsing would probably be noticeably slower and supposedly 1xRTT eats through the batteries faster.