View Full Version : Cover Image required by iTunes in the GUIDE, fails epubcheck 3

12-08-2011, 06:43 PM
I recently updated our tools to be ready for ePub3 (still waiting for that happy day(!))

I now have an interesting problem. iTunes seems to want to have the cover image file in the <guide> section eg:

<reference type="cover" title="Cover" href="images/cover.jpg"/>

HOWEVER, the guide is deprecated in ePUB3 and the new epubcheck 3.0b2 balks at this, where before it was okay. Having the above GUIDE in place is the difference between the cover image appearing in iTunes and not.

Anyone know of another 'legal' way to get the cover image to appear in the bookshelf in iTunes?

12-08-2011, 07:26 PM
Oh, man, on further investigation it looks like this might never get fixed.
Various rants about the IDPF standards on cover specification...

12-09-2011, 02:27 AM
Since when will Apple follow specs? Their interpretation of v3 will undoubtedly be very different from the others, causing all kinds of work-arounds just for the iBooks.

The epubcheck does not support v3 at the moment and I don't think it will soon.

12-09-2011, 05:24 AM
So, I guess the answer is to leave the <guide> section in and hope that future readers will follow correct behaviour and IGNORE it.
But what happens when eveyone starts to use the new beta v3 version of epubcheck? Titles are going to start to fail!
I know that Content Reserve / Overdrive will reject a title even if it pops up a warning with epubcheck.

So, anyone have any good tips or predictions as to what the best way to identify the cover will be? I think I've left enough clues in the filename and metadata to allow a future version of iTunes / iBooks to find the covers.

If I thought that writing to anyone would do any good, I would but what are the chances of an email complaining about this problem will be read and actioned by either IDPF or Apple? (sigh)

12-09-2011, 07:37 AM
Found the solution in the end. VERY simple addition of metadata, see here...

Thanks charleski

12-09-2011, 01:17 PM
I still think it is ridiculous that a company insist in compliancy with a tool with is outdated and does not check everything or even well. I think you should write Apple and tell them they need to program a compatible reader that actually follows the specs.
Knowing Apple, they never will and insist on their own interpretation making it more difficult for e-book creators claiming it is better for their clients. Which it isn't of course...