View Full Version : Need some assistance with CSS and unordered lists

11-24-2011, 05:17 AM
So I have the heading.
Than there is the motto which should be normally right-aligned and followed by some vertial space.
Than there is the normal text. So far so good.

In one chapter the motto is a line followed by an unordered list. Being counted as a motto it should be on the right side, but as a list it's important to be left aligned. Just stiching some hard values it's not a good idea as it should flow ok on various screens and font sizes.

In the end I get what it seems to me as an incontrolabe three boxes: one vertical with the bullets, one with the line of text and the rest with the actual list one line at a time. I got them show up right in Sigil, but I don't put too much value on what Sigil shows as bold and italic texts are not shown at all. In ADE I get most of the time the bullet column on the far left.

Could anybody point me some text online about setting up lists? I have discovered that using list-style-position: inside would help somehow keep things together.