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11-18-2011, 03:35 PM
I just released a new manga processor/organizer called MangAI (manga + artificial intelligence). Although there are other scan processing programs available, MangAI boasts some unique features such as easily processing an entire manga series using a single command, auto splitting landscape 2-page scans except when the two pages form one giant image, and reprocessing a series when new chapters have been added without performing repeat work.

Most importantly, MangAI conforms to the Manga Intelligence Model ( which allows it to automatically organize and sort your input publications by volume-chapter and your input scans by volume-chapter-page. This means you no longer have to spend time to manually extract downloaded archives, specify output names, correctly sort volumes/chapters and the scans within, or combine separate chapter folders into a single volume entity.

Quick video demonstration:

-Feature List-
+Image processing:
-Scale width/height (always maintains original aspect ratio)
-Auto trim white space around a scan
-Auto chop white rows and columns within a scan
-Auto rotate scans to desired landscape/portrait orientation
-Full color, grayscale, or grayscale color table
-Specify # of colors
-Change source image format
-Add border after processing to fill specified width/height
-Reduce to maximum dpi
+Supported input sources:
-Single folder of images
-Single .zip/.cbz
-Single .rar/.cbr (Note: Must have compatible unrar program installed on your system. See readme for details)
-Single .pdf
-A folder/archive containing any number of the above items, allowing you to process an entire manga series with one command.
+Supported input image formats:
-Pretty much anything that ImageMagick ( supports. It’s safe to assume that all major image formats are supported: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, etc…
+Supported output formats:
-Folder of images (any image format supported by ImageMagick ( should be ok)
-.rar/.cbr (Note: Must have compatible rar program installed on your system. See readme for details)
-.pdf (including right-to-left page ordering)
-.epub (including right-to-left page ordering)
-Binding allows you to combine multiple input sources into a single output
-Three ways to use binding:
-Auto bind chapters into volumes based on interpreted volume-chapter info
-Auto bind groups of a specified size
-Create a bind file to manually specify which chapters to bind into a single volume
+Auto split landscape 2-page scans
-Can detect whether a landscape scan contains two separate pages and split them accordingly
-Tries not to split landscape 2-page scans where the two pages form one big image
+Volume-chapter interpretation:
-Automatically interpret volume-chapter info from sources
-Bind chapters of the same volume (and create a fake volume binding for the latest chapters not yet released in tankobon)
-Supports a large variety of source organization, including:
-Nested folders/archives/pdfs
-Determine volume from parent hierarchy
-Determine volume from observed bounds of a volume’s chapters
-Detect special chapters and a/b chapters
-Conflict resolution (both automatic and manual) when multiple sources map to the same volume-chapter
+Generate a settings file for a variety of ereader devices
-Optimal settings stored for many of the top ereader devices:
-Amazon: kdx, k3, k2, k1
-Apple: ipad
-B&N: nook
-Sony: prs-900, prs-700, prs-650, prs-600, prs-505, prs-500, prs-300
-iRex: iliad, dr800, dr1000
-Ectaco: jb, jbl
-Kobo: kobo2, kobo1
-Can also generate a default settings file if MangAI doesn’t know the optimal settings for your particular ereader device
-Any setting can be changed by the user to meet his/her needs
-Mixed folder/image-level multithreading, allowing you to process multiple folders and images in parallel
-Automatically determines the number of threads to use based on detected cpu cores and workload (you can also manually specify the number of threads)
+Other operations:
-Organize: organizes manga collection by interpreting volume-chapter info without processing images
-Analyze manga collection: returns statistics such as # of file types, # scans, file space usage, etc.
-Analyze manga folder: returns statistics such as width, height, and dpi of each image in the folder
-Create MangAI batch file (available in the CLI only): creates a script to process your entire manga collection using MangAI
+Job management (available in the GUI only):
-Save a job so that you can run it again later (useful if you have added new chapters to a series)

Check the MangAI page on ( for more information, screenshots+videos, and the download link.

I hope you enjoy your digital manga experience :3