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Alexander Turcic
12-20-2002, 04:27 AM
Someone asked me this question in another forum and I thought some of you might find it interesting so I repost it here:

Originally posted by IronTux
Turic --

I really, REALLY appreciate all the effort that you have done. However, for me, storing your vast collection of mobile sites in an iSiloX application makes it very difficult to browse and/or extract selective links for my scheduled environment.

You see, I run Linux, not a Windows GUI, which iSiloX is only designed for. So my downloads are done via the command line (as God intended:), and I have to do wierd contortions to (like install VMware, then Windows or alternative install Wine), then install iSiloX -- all just to be able to browse your list in human-readable format.

Any possibility of also making your very valuable and very vast repository browsable in a non-proprietary format like a basic HTML table with URL, depth, cookie info, etc -- so that people can manually add the stuff to their IXL files, without having to parse your entire list through the evil Windows GUI using iSiloX?

Any consideration to open, non proprietary formats would greatly extend the value of your painstaking efforts, IMHO.

- IronTux


that would be possible - not but without a lot of efford. The list contains over 500 channels, many of them already preconfigured for iSiloX. If you know someone would have the energy of translating the list into, let's say pure HTML, feel free to contact me.

Btw, the iSiloX IXL format is not proprietary. It is in XML format. You can find all the necessary info here: and here

It would be a very easy thing to write a little desktop gui app for Linux to edit that list. One of the things I've planned for near future.

Until then I suggest that, if you have access to Windows, open iSiloX *twice*. In one instance, open my channel list. In the other, create a new empty list. Then you can use the CTRL+C and CTRL+V combination to copy all the links you are interested in from my channel list to your new list. In future, use your new list when you run iSiloX under Linux.

Hope that helps,