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George Manville Fenn (January 3, 1831, Pimlico - August 26, 1909, Isleworth) was a British writer.
He worked as a teacher in Lincolnshire, until he became printer, editor and publisher of various magazines. He had two sons and six daughters with his wife Susanna Leake, whom he had married in 1855.
He was editor and proprietor of Once a Week from 1873 until its demise in 1879 and then was entirely engaged in writing fiction. Most of his work consists of adventure stories for young readers, featuring Explorers, Smugglers, young Adventurers and Seamen. His adult novels offer critical social commentary on Victorian England, especially reconsidering economic questions.

As she spoke her eyes ran over the decorations of their handsomely-furnished room in the old-fashioned house in old-fashioned Hackney, where there were traces of the captainís wanderings in the shape of stuffed birds of gorgeous plumage, shells of iridescent tints, masses of well-bleached corals, spears and carven clubs from New Zealand, feather ornaments from Polynesia, boomerangs and nulla-nullas from Australia, ostrich eggs from the Cape, ivory carvings from China, a hideous suit of black iron armour from Japan, and carpets and rugs from India and Persia to make snug the floor.