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09-16-2011, 07:55 PM
So my work just updated to InDesign 5.5, which I thought was great because it would hopefully save me some time on epubs.

I did my first export today, and its failing pretty hard right off the bat. I'm hoping that these are known bugs and an easy fix, if not I'm pretty disappointed with 5.5 and its Epub skills.

The first problem is that it didn't export ANY of my images with it. They are all correctly linked, and show up in InDesign. For my export settings I am doing "Preserve Appearance from Layout, Image size:fixed, Ignore Object Export Settings." What I see when I unzip my epub is
<p class="Text-No-Indent2"><span class="char-style-override-1"><img class="Center" width="100%" src="images/" alt="title.jpg"/></span></p>

So it knows the name of the image, couldn't call it from the folder. So I thought "fine, no big deal, this is an easy fix, I just enter the name." Next I find out that InDesign, didn't export my images folder all together, and on top of that didn't declare any of them in the content.opf file, which would make it way more work then simply entering in each image name. So I really can't create an epub at this point because indesign won't export my images with it.

The other problem I am finding, is that InDesign insists on embedding fonts, I don't see an option anywhere to exclude embedding fonts. When I make my epubs, I like to use fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and other web-safe fonts, so I don't have to deal with embedding anything. So Ideally I would like to not embed any fonts in my epub, but I am not given this option.

Has anyone had either of these problems with InDesign 5.5? I would just go back to ID 4 so I can do my work, but since all these files were created in 5.5, I can't. So I'm pretty much stuck at the moment, so any help would be much appreciated.


09-16-2011, 08:06 PM
OK, quick update.

I solved the image problem. For some reason, the fact that I was exporting to a server, made InDesign not embed the images? So I tried exporting to my desktop and it worked fine.